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Have You seen these statistics and projections?

The internet population is doubling every 100 days! (USA Today April 16,1997)

The number of businesses selling on the internet will increase from 17,500 to 400,000 by the year 2003.(Keenan Vision)

By the year 2002 business to business transactions will total $327 Billion! (Forrester Reserch)

It has been complicated and expensive for small business to create a successful Web site.  Yet with the explosive growth of the Internet, it can not be ignored.  Our customers which used to ask for a brochure are now asking for the address of our Internet site.

To create a successful Web site, we have developed a revolutionary "hostware" system which can thrust you deep into internet success. The main pieces of the puzzle include:

Web Page Creation - The ability to create web pages without HTML, CGI, or Java programming.

Hosting - The place on the internet where your Web pages live.

E-Commerce - The ability to transact business over the Internet.

Web Site Promotion - Proper search engine submission and other links.

All of these components from one source, saves you time and money!  Call or E-mail us to find out how our simple solution can get your business on the internet.

No programming or technical expertise is required -- leave that with us!

No limiting template design or color styles are used.

You can upload unlimited numbers of graphics.*

You can create an unlimited number of pages.*

Add an unlimited number of catalog items.*


All you need to use this solution is an internet connection and a browser. It comes with hostware consisting of 350 individually written programs compiled into one program, which enables you to do:

-Web Site Creation

-Web Site Hosting

-E-Commerce(processing all major credit cards and personal checks)

-Web Site Promotion

-Unlimited Technical Support

All of this without knowing any HTML, Java, Cold Fusion or having any other programming experience.

All of these components from one source saves you time and money.

You've come to the right place so go ahead and give us a call, or submit your information and we'll get back to you.

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